Allergen Advice:


Caterers producing food with no deliberate gluten & allergen containing ingredients, but due to the risk of cross contamination can only by law indicate the food that is gluten/allergen free, they have to warn that cross contamination can occur at any stage of food preparation it can happen in your own kitchen, in a restaurant or even in foods clearly labelled “Gluten free”, IF they are prepared in the same area/kitchen as dishes containing gluten.

Precautionary measures are put into place to significantly reduce this risk, cooking equipment that is also used for other ingredients are thoroughly cleaned ie the waffle iron, (in other restaurants it may be the pans or oven) a specific ladle & waffle fork are used. The gluten free waffle mixture is in a sealed container in a separate fridge to the regular waffle mix, and the cooked waffle goes directly onto the customers plate. At no time does the gluten free waffle come into direct contact with gluten.

Whilst these precautionary measures are relatively simple, space, time and resources and the other 13 most common allergens have to be taken into consideration. A restaurant would have to have a completely separate preparation, cooking area and chef (as their clothing may contain cross contamination) to guarantee not only a gluten free dish but no risk of cross contamination. We completely understand the suffering and effect that can be caused as a consequence of eating food containing gluten & other allergens. That is why as a company, we are transparent and inform our customers of our procedures. This allows the people with Coeliac disease and other allergies to make their own choice and responsibility about the food they eat based on their own level of sensitivity.

All our servers and kitchen staff are allergy trained and receive regular refresher courses. The kitchen staff have more in depth training and follow strict routines when dealing with any orders from customers who are Coeliac sufferers or have an allergy.

We have accurate detailed menu cards for each dish that we serve, and encourage anyone who may have a concern about an allergy to look at this and come into the kitchen to see our procedures.